Anyone Can Design A Logo…Right?

If you have a computer and some fonts, you can design a logo…technically. We have seen that time and time again as the starting point for many businesses we have worked with over the years. A personal favorite of mine was when a client said, “my friend’s daughter was taking an art class in (high)school so she… Read More

How We Built It: Mayer Electric Logo

Any time a client comes to us with a new logo venture, it is an exciting process for our entire team. We are often approached by individuals, startups and existing companies either looking to design or redesign their logo. Being responsible for a business’s image in regard to their logo can seem like a daunting… Read More

How to Love Your New Logo

So you’re wanting a new logo. Perhaps it is for a brand new business, or for an existing business that is needing an updated, polished logo. Regardless, it is important to make sure your new logo is not only timeless, but also accurately portrays your brand. Designing a logo is definitely hard work, but at… Read More

3 Steps to Overcoming Creative Block

Creative block–it happens. To everyone. So what do you do when you hit this wall, the rope breaks, and you can’t climb over? We are professional creatives and we still don’t have the secret formula to overcoming the wall. Sometimes more research or looking into what is working for other creatives can be a helpful… Read More

How Having Fun Makes Us Better Designers

Although I’m a fairly new participant in the popular “working world” phenomenon, it has become apparent to me that getting to know your coworkers isn’t exactly easy. Just a few years ago, I was plucked from a college environment where students are forced into each other’s personal space, and placed into the workforce where the dynamic… Read More

What’s in a Brand?

The terms “brand” and “branding” have been increasingly thrown around in recent years. However, the more common these terms become, the more it seems that different people are using the same word to refer to entirely different things. So what does “brand” actually mean? When branding first began it was nothing more than a trademark.… Read More



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Print Collateral

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Web & Mobile

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