How Having Fun Makes Us Better Designers


Although I’m a fairly new participant in the popular “working world” phenomenon, it has become apparent to me that getting to know your coworkers isn’t exactly easy. Just a few years ago, I was plucked from a college environment where students are forced into each other’s personal space, and placed into the workforce where the dynamic is radically different. The workforce simply doesn’t lend itself to the same types of bonding that you find in a college setting.

However, I have quickly discovered that the culture of IM Design Group is different than the average workplace. IM Design understands the importance of maintaining an environment that is conducive to strong relationships. And that’s why the word “Group” is part of our name. It’s who we are, first and foremost–a team.

Whether we’re grinding gravel on our bicycles, sipping craft beers, or trying to steer each other through an intense battle of creative block, we take the time to really do life together. We share successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses, joys and frustrations. As a result, we realize that just because we aren’t perfect doesn’t mean that we are valued any less as a member of the team. Simply put, having fun unites us…and makes us better designers.

Making time to have fun together not only creates a collaborative working environment and opportunities to grow closer to one another, it also ultimately fuels our creativity. And we just happen to believe that being creative is the most important thing we can be doing.

Author: Courtney Huber

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